Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is for all those people who want to earn money in a simple way, without going into technical details. Yes, you read it right Clickbank is one such portal that needs a maximum of half an hour to set up, that also, without any hosting or technical knowledge.

I know a friend who has been using Clickbank for his Affiliate Marketing for quite a while now, and he is not only happy but quite successful with it. Initially it was tough finding an easy source of online income for him, since he is almost in his 40s and considering the generation we are talking about, not at all tech savvy. He was looking for something simple, that would not need him to go into very detailed technical processes, as well as will generate enough revenue for him.

And from the moment he had come across Clickbank, his life has changed. I am quite sure that like him, there are several of us, who want to earn money online, but without going through all those lengthy processes. And that is the reason why, I asked my friend to share the major tricks that helps him earn money every day, and that further will help you in earning a income stream online as well.

This is what he had to say

Initially I did this for me, nobody else… and If I’m honest I don’t want too many people doing it either (for obvious reasons) but I’m going to share it with a few of you.

So He Created A Case Study

Here are the 3 basic steps that you need to follow, to generate the revenue you want.

  1. One of the main things to think about is to find a suitable offer using a simple criteria in Clickbank.
  2. Once you have done that keep a check on what others in the field are doing, by using his little secret that checks the best ads and keywords.
  3. Using Bing send cheap traffic and profit

Let us learn about these steps in a few details.

Suitable Offers – According to my friend, promoting the right offer is one of the major things, it is important to select the content carefully. What I have understood from my friend’s account is that, it is important to go for offers like those, that are a bit unique and that people hardly talk about, or consist of long descriptions. Promoting such offers leads to more success.

Keeping a check on others – Another important step is to know what others are doing, as only then you can realize what is trending and what you need to do as well. My friend who has been quite successful in this field says, he used to take screenshots of other advertisers, and keep a watch on them for 10 days. Since it is a long process, he used to use a certain software that collects all the required data for him. After following the trend and knowing the important keywords, he used to copy paste the best and the most in-demand ones, and that is what you need to do as well.

Cheap Traffic + Profit – As mentioned before the last step is to send the cheap traffic to the top ad which in turn creates profit. Collect all the data from the advertisements, and once you know the trending ones, put them to use, and you are well set and ready to go to scale up.

The linking structure as my friend pointed out is not that difficult, but he withheld the information, to maintain the secret to his successful earning.

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